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Welcome to the first ultimate Artificial Intelligence educational experience in Lebanon. At Beirut AI, our mission has constantly been to enable everyone to apply AI, and now, we are bringing you the secret ingredients you need to enter into the complex AI world with a comprehensive, practical AI bootcamp week!

We will teach you the basics and introduce you to the main AI areas: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Time Series Analysis, and more.

How are we doing this in just a week?! Well, we have carefully designed courses that only teach you the theory you need while engaging your knowledge on-the-go with interactive hands-on coding sessions. 

Leave every day with a full AI project in a new area, finish off the bootcamp with a project of your own choice, and learn all you need to kick off your personal journey in AI.
Check out the bootcamp schedule, fill out the application form, and keep an eye out for your confirmation email letting you know that you're officially in!

Bootcamp Schedule



$ 250

Supporting our younger community is very important to us so take advantage while you still can.

$ 400

Growing up has its perks, but we all know financial independence has never been one of them.


Christophe Zoghbi

Founder & President @ Beirut AI

Organizer - Instructor

Larissa Abi Nakhle

Marketing Manager @ Beirut AI


Reem Mahmoud

Technical Consultant @ Beirut AI

Organizer - Instructor

Obeida ElJundi

Technical Manager @ Beirut AI

Organizer - Instructor

Alaa Maarouf

Community Manager @ Beirut AI

Organizer - Instructor

Wissam Al Jurdi

Ph.D. Candidate @ Université de Franche-Comté


Elie Kawerk, PhD

Data scientist and educator


Dr. Jonathan Fraine

Machine Learning Research Scientist



You just need to know basics of programming in any language and the passion to learn! We will be teaching you Python modules needed for data science and move from there into the core areas in AI.

To provide maximum benefit, we welcome participants who can be committed full time.

We will cover various topics in AI including Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Recommendation System, Time Series, and more. Every day covers a different AI topic starting with theory and building on the theory with interactive coding projects. You will leave every day of the bootcamp with a new AI project in a unique area. At the end of the bootcamp, you will put all that you have learned into a final project of your choice which you will carry out with the help of your mentors. You can check the schedule on the website for more details on the covered topics.

The participation fees is $250 for students and $400 for professionals. Note: this fee covers all expenses including daily lunches and coffee breaks. 

Within a short time, you will be able to understand and build projects on various AI topics. You will get valuable hands-on experience in data science. You can integrate this knowledge into your current work or work on side projects in the field to grow your expertise further.

Applications will go through a review process and acceptance time will vary. If you are an early-bird, you should expect a confirmation email about your acceptance during the first week of July. Once accepted, you will be given 5 days to confirm your seat reservation.


American Univerity of Beirut (AUB) - Room 518

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Beirut AI is the applied AI community in Lebanon. We want to enable everyone to have access to the tools and knowledge to apply Artificial Intelligence! Our mission is to help local startups, companies and individuals understand AI and implement it in various industries.

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